Visa® Credit Cards

How do you know what credit card is right for you?

What's an APR anyway? You may see terms like this everywhere but not really know what they mean. Don't worry. We've laid out all in the important details in our blog, Credit Cards 101 Here at IHMVCU, we offer personal and business Visa® Credit Cards. The credit cards we offer include no annual fee, local servicing, fraud protection and convenient online access. In fact, you can manage your checking, savings and credit cards with just one login.


More tools for tracking your account

With Alerts from IHMVCU powered by Visa, you can receive near real-time updates on your Visa® card activity. So you can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. It's free for IHMVCU Visa® cardholders. Sign up at

*11.9% APR Cash Back Card Earn 1% cash back on all purchases (excluding balance transfers and cash advances). There’s a minimum payout of $25 when you make $2,500 in purchases. There’s no maximum. Cash back is earned from December 1 through November 30 of the next year, with payouts in November each year. Cash back could be subject to taxes; please consult your tax advisor. 

**Cardholder must maintain an active checking account (8 or more transactions for 30 days) and one of the following: a member for at least five years, a mortgage loan, a home equity loan or an auto loan.

Visa Credit Card Rate Disclosure

Visa Credit Card Holder Agreement