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Choose the best credit card for your needs. No annual fee, balance transfer, prime rate and more.

Not just a piece of plastic.

It’s endless ice cream!


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Balance transfer. Grace period. Prime rate. APR. You may see terms like this everywhere but not really know what they mean.

Don't worry. We've laid out all of the important details in our blog, Credit Cards 101. Here at IHMVCU, we offer personal and business Visa® Credit Cards. The credit cards we offer include no annual fee, local servicing, fraud protection and convenient online access.

And with our Online Branch and mobile app, you can manage all your accounts with a single login.

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Fall into an autumn adventure!

Save on interest charges when you use your IHMVCU credit card — that means more money for traveling to the perfect camping spot. There’s a s’more with your name on it.

Enjoy 0% intro APR1 for 6 months on all purchases, balance transfers and cash advances made in the first 90 days. After that, 7.9%2 to 11.9% APR.

Plus, we’ll give you $100 cash back when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days.3

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Hurry, offer ends October 31.

Family by the campfire

1See full credit card disclosure. Subject to credit approval. Balance transfer/cash advance fee applies. Excludes current IHMVCU credit cardholders & Business credit cards.

27.9% APR Relationship non-qualifying rate is 9.9% APR.

3Cash reward will be deposited into your savings account 6-8 weeks after the spend threshold is met. Excludes current IHMVCU credit cardholders & Business credit cards.

Credit card comparison

No annual fee, local servicing, fraud protection and convenient online access! Download credit card comparison chart.


11.9% APR Cash Back*

Earn 1% cash back on all purchases, all the time (excluding balance transfers and cash advances)


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9.9% APR

A great card with a great rate. Additional benefits include:


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7.9% APR Relationship**

We value your relationship and want to reward you with some of the lowest interest rates available. Additional benefits include:


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*11.9% APR Cash Back Card Earn 1% cash back on all purchases (excluding balance transfers and cash advances). There’s a minimum payout of $25 when you make $2,500 in purchases. There’s no maximum. Cash back is earned from December 1 through November 30 of the next year, with payouts in November each year. Cash back could be subject to taxes; please consult your tax advisor.

**Cardholder must maintain an active checking account (8 or more transactions for 30 days) and one of the following: a member for at least five years, a mortgage loan, a home equity loan or an auto loan.
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Visa Credit Cardholder Agreement

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