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Let's Take a Staycation!

Dec 8, 2022 || Steph Carmichael, Digital Strategist

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Feeling cooped up, but not able to take a full-on vacation? Enter the staycation.

Have you ever stopped to really take a look around the Quad Cities area? Oftentimes, the best vacation is one you can take without ever leaving town. You might be surprised at how much fun you can have in your own zip code.

What’s a Staycation? – And Why You Need One

A staycation doesn’t mean just staying home, catching up on all the laundry or that to-do list. (I mean, those chores will always be there. So, they can wait a few extras days.)

A staycation is exactly what it sounds like; a vacation where you stay at or around your home. In addition to being cost effective, they're flexible. You really don’t need to do much planning (we’ve got that covered for you with FunFinder!) and you can design your own itinerary to go at your own pace.

Why Staycation?

1. Save money – A staycation can save you big bucks but still be fun. Travel is usually minimal, so expenses such as gas, plane tickets, or hotel rooms, are mostly non-existent.

2. Support local and small businesses Getting out and ice skating at Frozen Landing, stopping in the recently opened restaurant, or spending the day at the Putnam Museum are great ways to invest in the our community while having a great time with your family.

3. No need to take extra time off from work or school – A staycation can often be done over a weekend or using only a few days of PTO, as travel is minimal. And with the holidays just around the corner, the kids are out on break.

4. Easier to plan – You'll probably do some research for your staycation, but since you live here you know the area. You’ll spend less time and have less stress trying to find the best restaurants or attractions in an area you don’t know.

5. More time to actually relax – Do you ever wish your vacation was a day longer to recover from all the travel? When you aren’t spending a day or more sitting in an airport or driving, it’s like getting a couple bonus days off. Added advantage – you don’t have to worry about jetlag or time zones!

How to Staycation:

1. Go on a tech detox – Turn off the phone, keep the laptop closed, and stay away from the TV. The focus should be on you and your family. If you can’t go 100% off the grid, make sure to set some boundaries.

2. Pack light – Since most staycations are only a couple days, you shouldn’t need to pack as much. They say people who have fewer possessions feel freer and less stressed, so try it while staycationing. Only bring the necessities, and remember if you absolutely need something you forgot, you’re still close to home!

3. Plan, but not too much – Here’s the thing about a staycation: it should be relaxing. It also should be something you could put together last minute if you wanted. The goal is to keep things as simple and stress-free as possible.

Now, let’s play tourist in the Quad Cities!

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