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Community Funding & Sponsorship Requests

Request for Community Funding & Sponsorships

If your organization needs assistance and supports one of IHMVCU’s three areas of focus listed below, please fill out our Request for Community Funding form. Requests for community funding will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Typical awards range from $500 to $2,500.

IHMVCU will provide resources -- both through limited monetary donations as well as support staff -- in areas where there are significant gaps in services. Specifically:

  • Human services
  • Military
  • Youth & Education

Applications must be submitted 90 days prior to event. Requests are reviewed by the IHMVCU Donations & Sponsorship Committee once a month. All requests will be acknowledged by phone or email within 30 days of submission. Request for individual benefit (ie. pageants, trips, scholarships, etc.), athletic teams, service clubs, lobbying activities or projects outside our service area will generally not be accepted for consideration.

If your request meets the timeline and requirements listed, please submit the form below.

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I understand that all requests for support must be submitted 90 days prior to the event to be considered and I understand that requests are reviewed monthly and IHMVCU may take up to 30 days to acknowledge my request and that acknowledgement may be by phone or email